Smashing Balls, Golf Opening Doors For Women

Do you want to learn to play golf, but don’t know how to get started?
Do you find approaching golf intimidating?

Smashing Balls – Golf, Opening Doors for Women helps you navigate through the golf world in an easy and fun fashion.

We have stories to inspire, entertain and educate you in the language and etiquette of golf. We introduce fundamental movement and sports skills necessary to smash the ball down the fairway. It’s also written for family and friends who desperately want their favorite female to learn to play golf. Since friends and family are likely to be the golf “teacher”, this book can save marriages, friendships and keep peace in the family. 

Most golf books are written by famous players and instructors. Those authors are “golf babies” who have played golf for as long as they can remember. Their books are good for people who already understand the basics of golf, the lingo and the culture. However, they simply haven’t had the experience of trying to learn golf as an adult.

Smashing Balls is different. It is written by two ladies who have learned to play golf as adults. Peggy Briggs has been an LPGA Teaching Professional since 1997 and Dr. Debra Pentz is the owner of a medical practice in Arizona. Both ladies have had extensive training by the Titleist Performance Institute. They are passionate and dedicated to helping women participate in golf - the greatest game in the world.


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