Tathata Golf Experience

Accelerate Your Learning          Elevate Your Game

I went through the 60 day program and became a raving fan of Tathata Golf. I continued with their certification program.  It's significantly improved my own game as well as made me a more effective teacher.I am certified with Tathata Golf as a Body Movement Specialist 

Have you ever hit a shot that felt effortless, smooth, sweet or just simply perfect and wondered what you did differently than some of those other shots?   This 60 day program simplifies how your body moves with balance and speed in the golf swing, includes stretching exercises specific to golf, covers short game, strength & mind training and more. 

Tathata golf training is different than traditional golf instruction by using martial arts disciplines to learn.  It is not just "tips or fixes" for the day.  What I love about it is that you do not need to do drills over and over nor do you need to hit hundreds of golf balls to quickly improve and truly know how your body can move efficiently for golf.  Plus you can learn in your own home from a PC or tablet which may work great with your busy schedule or when the weather is not golf friendly.

The 60 day subscription never expires, so once you purchase, you can go through the program at the pace that you prefer and refer back to areas that you'd like to explore again.  There is also an option to receive FREE videos to learn more about Tathata Golf.

I offer Chapter Follow ups and Group Training sessions at Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa, AZ and would be happy to help you continue your training.

If you are interested in the 60 Day Program, this link saves you $10 off the regular price of $180.

Here is what you can expect from the 60 Day Program

  • Increase movement accuracy
  • Increase movement speed
  • Increase movement safety and range of motion
  • Increase movement performance and understanding
  • Personalized movement assessment, correct and enhancement
  • Chapter 1 | Body & Stretching
  • Chapter 2 | Hands & Arms
  • Chapter 3 | Pressure & Impact
  • Chapter 4 | Speed, Strength & Full Swing
  • Chapter 5 | Short Game & Putting
  • Chapter 6 | Trajectory, Full Swing, Short Game & Putting

Group Training Sessions will be listed on my classes and events calendar.