Junior Events This Spring at Arizona Golf Resort


Girls Golf Of Phoenix/Girls Golf of East Mesa

      Arizona Golf Resort is now proud to be a part of Girls Golf of Phoenix. We are Girls Golf of East Mesa.
   This will broaden the availability of girls to get involved in golf.
   2 0 1 9  M E M B E R S H I P  for NEW & Returning Members is OPEN!
The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix membership is based on a calendar year {Jan - Dec} and is due
for renewal every year. Members have VIP access to
tournaments and select GGOP events.
Annual Membership is only $40!

2019 January & February events are NOW OPEN FOR RSVP!

Game Changers (Practice Session) - Monday 1/21
The Frozen Open (Tournament) - Saturday 1/26
The Sweetheart Tournament (Adult/Junior Tournament) - 2/16

...more info and links:
Events page will continue to update! 

We have 40+ events on the books for 2019 and more info will be released soon. 


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Be prepared to have fun! 

I love golf and I want you
to love golf too. 
We are creative with Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic ideas 
to help you down your golfing journey.