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You Tube Channel: Smashing Golf

When thinking about golf clubs, think of the clothes you buy and the shoes you buy. We always "try them on" to be sure they are a perfect fit. The same should be done with the golf clubs you buy. Some things to understand when "trying" golf clubs:

  • Lie Angle, Loft, Length, Shaft flex/weight/torque, Design, Grip size and the set make-up.

You may need to be "measured" and swing the clubs. Make sure you select a club fitter that has your needs and nows how to make sure your clubs "fit you".

The golfer plus the proper golf club = effective, efficient and compatible swing.

If your club is incompatible, you will make adjustments in your grip, set-up or swing shape.

Check out these club fitters in the East Valley.

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Physical Considerations:
Besides your vision, skin exposure and nutrition you need to consider your cardiovascular health and maintaining your fitness levels of flexibility, mobility, strength and balance.

According to Titleist Performance Institute, the top 3 reasons for back pain in golfers are:

#1 Reverse spine angle during your swing

#2 Over arched back in your posture

#3 Early extension or rather standing up at impact with the ball.

There is a body-swing connection. Our mobility generates the elastic
energy and the stability allows us balance, strength and endurance.
Check out these Fitness Experts to help you with your golf fitness: