Game of Lifetime Friendships

Private Lessons:
Whether you are beginning your golfing journey or you are looking for some guidance to bring you back on target, I can lead the way. Your fitness abilities, video your swing and discuss you golfing goals, both short term and long term are my way of creating a step by step plan to achieve your desired results.
$90 per lesson

Group Lessons:
Enjoy a fun and friendly atmosphere with friends and fellow enthusiastic golfers. Learning golf with friends will help you create your golfing community of friends and a bond for life.
Personally designed for your group.

Junior Lessons:
Learn the game of a lifetime at an early age. Golf is just one of many sports a junior
should experience while they are in their athletic learning years. I utilize fundamental
sports movement skills to create a well-rounded golfer and athlete.
5-11 years old $25 per 30 min lesson      12-17 years old $35 per 30 min lesson
Golf Clubs for All Ages and Size

As a Certified USKids Coach I am able to offer my students a special
discount of 5% and FREE shipping to your home.
Shop at USKIDSGOLF.COM and enter my promo code: USK11484

Player Development Programs:
Combining all learning, I will develop a program that you can continue the rests of your golfing journey. Included in the program will be exercise, practice routines and playing strategies.
$450 for 10 – 30 min lessons

Tathata Golf:
I can review with you the chapters or train you along the way. Learning at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home can be appealing to many. As a Tathata Movement Specialist I can help guide you. Available as private or group lessons

Fast Track to the First Tee: Women On Course
2 – 45 minute lessons and 1-2 hole on course experience. Receive a 2 month membership to Women On Course website.
Beginner friendly golf instruction to get you on the golf course sooner rather than later.
$199 for program

Golfer Fitness Classes:
Do you want to hit the ball farther?
Do you want to play injury free?
​Titleist has designed a fitness evaluations and state of the art 3-D technology are used to develop your individualized golf specific fitness program.
Sharpen your brain with ThinQGolf daily practice.
Sharpen your putting skills using “The Puttist”
Available as a private lesson or group

K-Vest Training:
K-Vest is state of the art 3-D technology to move better, play better, live better. K-vest is easy to use auditory and visual biofeedback training. K-vest is used by tour players and casual golfers to reinforce proper body movements of the golf swing.
$150 - 3 series of 30 min sessions

Business Golf Workshops:
Benefits: Team building and group development. Golf takes patience, trust, confidence and vision – the same skills necessary in business and sales situations.
Personally designed for your business

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